The Razorblades

Founded in 2002, The Razorblades are one of Europe’s leading surf bands. They played nearly 700 shows in Europe and the USA, released six albums and two EPs, added tracks to numerous compilations and convinced tons of people that surf music is not a thing from the past, but very much alive...

The Razorblades spice up the Sixties‐Surf‐Twang with Punk energy, Rockabilly and 80s Underground‐Rock into an explosive mixture. Giant waves of melody meet feedback noises and a nod to Glam Rock, New Wave, Ska and Powerpop.

With influences ranging from Surf god Dick Dale to The Clash, Sonic Youth, Phil Spector and Lee Perry, the band has found their very own space in the surf rock universe..

At the moment, the band is on the road, promoting the current album "15 Years In The Van" and working on new songs for the next recording.

The Incredible Mr. Smith

If you watched too much TV in the 70s, dig old Clint Eastwood movies and cops & robber shows and prefer instrumental music, The Incredible Mr. Smith delivers the right sound for your ears: An energizing mixture of Californian Surf, Spaghetti Western Sound in the tradition of Ennio Morricone, Hillibilly Twang and wild Sixties Rock combined with a lot of guitar action between Twang, Noise & Blues. Have you ever dreamed of a guitarist that sounds like the bastard son of Dick Dale, Link Wray, Jimi Hendrix. and Jeff Beck? Your search may have come to an end.

Since 1999 The Incredible Mr. Smith released three CDs with all original music and contributed songs to a lot of compilations.

Currently you’ll find him working in his own studio and rarely on stage …

The Hollywood Gangsters

The Hollywood Gangsters play their favourite TV- and movie themes in a style they call cinematic lounge...
You'll find traces of surf, rockabilly jazz and Americana... a howling lapsteel. twangy guitars, jazzy drums and double bass.
Ernie & Bert team up with the Corleones in a New York Jazz club thick with cigarette smoke , waiting for Jim Rockford and Miss Marple to show up... or is it Magnum? Definitely much more interesting than watching TV!